Nurturing food tech companies with potential in Asia.

Food Ventures invests in promising food science and technology startups and companies, with the objective of nurturing and accelerating them towards commercial success.  


Identify food startups that hold great potential in the Asian market


Accelerate the startup’s growth through co-investment with value-added partners


Build a pipeline of complementary innovations within our portfolio

Our Vision

To nurture and invest in food companies that have the potential to create new market spaces in Asia.

Food Ventures is geography agnostic and is open to investing in food-tech companies all around the world which offer products and/or solutions relevant to the Asian demographic. 

We aim to build a synergistic and complementary portfolio of companies which enables development of IPs and commercial rights.

We aim to build a synergistic and complementary portfolio of companies which enables development of IPs and commercial rights.

Food-tech Focus

We partner, mentor and invest in promising food-tech startups and companies which uniquely address the growing demands for healthier, sustainable, and clean label food.

Growing Brands

Food Ventures aims to build a synergistic and complementary portfolio of companies which enables development of IPs and commercial rights. Visit our portfolio to see our brands.

What we look for

Innovation in Supply Chain


Functional Foods

Alternative Proteins
Sugar Substitutes
Novel Ingredients
Enhanced Nutrition

Sustainable Solutions

Shelf-life Solutions

 Helping professionals

develop amazing companies

Find Funding

We help our brands find funding through our network of investors. Brands working with Food Ventures are assisted in assimilating all the right documentation necessary when requesting funding.  

Seek Advice

Food Ventures allows its portfolio of brands access to mentors with international experience able to provide first hand knowledge of successful business & scientific practices.

Access Networks

Our network of industry professionals within the Food tech space is growing daily. Partnered brands are given direct access to all channels necessary to solidify a competitive brand.


Study Material

Our archive of industry relevant material is accessible to all of our brands and provides analytic insight into the world of business development within the food tech space in Asia.

Resource Partners

 We introduce our portfolio companies to resource facilities that provide administrative and R&D capabilities to help expand their businesses.

Alumni Network

Being a part of the Food Ventures platform gives you direct access to our alumni network of qualified professionals running successful food-tech businesses.

Our Brands

Confetti Fine Foods

Confetti Fine Foods is a graduate from the StartupSG Founder Scheme under the mentorship of SIFOOD. Confetti crafts vegetable chips dressed in exotic, adventurous flavours inspired by Singapore’s rich culinary heritage. The Michelin featured gourmet snacks are upcycled from ugly produce, and deliver a burst of veggie goodness.


ChickP’s technology, which was borne out of the Hebrew University, is a unique and patent-pending process of extracting high quality, clean label chickpea protein isolate that is both odourless and neutral in taste.

Back of the Yards Algae Sciences

Back of the Yards Algae Sciences is a sustainable algae-based ingredients and technology company founded by Dr. Leonard Lerer, producing high quality plant based food ingredients and biostimulants.



“SIFOOD certainly helped us get off on the right foot.  The entrepreneurship journey is long and the need for a good start cannot be underestimated. 

SIFOOD not only played an integral role in the genesis of food innovation… they enabled us to be the pioneer premium co-working kitchen in Singapore. For this, we are supremely grateful.”

– Stephanie Chan & Terence Ho 

Confetti Fine Foods

“Food Ventures has been an excellent platform for us to connect with strategic partners and gain access to new markets. The team has also been of great help with placing Confetti in front of the best people in the food innovation space, and providing insights on product ideas and market access.

Being our very first mentors, they have helped with securing government grants and ensuring we have continual support every step of the way. Confetti has truly benefitted from the Food Ventures network and decades of food and logistics experience. Highly recommended!”

– Betty Lu, Founder

Seeking to invest?

Whether you are a young startup seeking support or an investor curious about our partnerships, Food Ventures is committed to developing quality food-tech brands that share common values of health, sustainability and well-being.


Vetted Startups


Accessible Networks


Fast Growth


Committed Entrepreneurs


Experienced Mentors

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