SIFOOD was initially founded to introduce new technologies from abroad that have the potential to disrupt traditional food industries on a global scale. SIFOOD is now wholly owned by Food Ventures as its operations and commercialisation arm, and is also a mentor to food-tech startups in the local ecosystem.

International Food Tech Exploration

SIFOOD explores cross border investments and growth opportunities for food tech startups overseas by leveraging on local networks in each country.

Fostering Vibrant Ecosystems

SIFOOD is a platform to build a synergistic ecosystem around promising businesses


SIFOOD provides technical and business expertise to help companies grow

Mentee Companies

Amz Organics

Amz Organics has a vision to make tailored plant based nutrition available and affordable to every family, beginning with a plant based beverage for toddlers.

Ye Traditions (Graduated)

Ye Traditions crowdsources, tests and rapidly iterates traditional, authentic recipes from seniors and home-cooks, thereafter bringing these recipes to commercialization by manufacturing them at scale.

Save A Crust (Graduated)

CRUST believes in sustainability and saw an opportunity to turn unused and unsold bread in restaurants, bars, bakeries and cafes, into quality craft beer.

Incubaker (Graduated)

Incubaker offers Singapore’s first fully NEA licensed & approved co-working kitchen studio at Mediapolis for F&B start-ups to conduct R&D, small batch production, events, and provides a café for onsite market validation of products.

Confetti Fine Foods (Graduated)

Confetti Fine Foods crafts award winning marvellous vegetable chips dressed in exotic adventurous flavors. The scrumptious plant based gourmet snacks are upcycled from ugly produce, and deliver a punch of veggie goodness.